Taylor Negron: Satellites

D-list celebrity is a strange beast. For some, it's a career made up of paparazzi stalking and attending weird promotional events. For others, it's a matter of stalking paparazzi, failing to get into clubs, and possibly a reality show documenting the star's oblivious fame-whore desperation. Then there's the gray area: D-listers who are vaguely famous. Those people who, when you see them onscreen, you think, Hey! It's that guy from that thing! I suspect that comedian Taylor Negron's celebrity star resides somewhere in this constellation. In Satellites Negron reflects on a lifetime of modest celebrity, fusing spoken word, storytelling, standup comedy, and even live music into one show. In his early years he studied acting under Lee Strasberg, and received advice from Lucille Ball ("When playing drunk, speak slowly and clearly. And don't ever produce a show about helicopters."). Over time his résumé has expanded in ways that only a D-list celebrity's can, from receiving an MTV nomination for Best Death Scene as the bad guy in The Last Boy Scout, to starring opposite Paris Hilton in National Lampoon's Pledge This, to his standup being featured in The Aristocrats. Negron recounts with glee the random twists and turns of his career, all with a wink and a smile. Music provided by ex-local singer/songwriter Logan Heftel.
Sat., Sept. 6, 7 & 10 p.m., 2008

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