Tame Impala

If the sun-dappled stoner jams aren't coming from California, Australia sure seems like the next best breeding ground. Aussie psych-revivalists Tame Impala employ some brawny riffage in their music, but temper the outsized guitars with a hypnotic, mushroom-munching progressivism that calls to mind the titans of classic '60s rock. Their songs have a spacey fluidity that's Marianas Trench-deep without treading fully into "jam band" territory, and it's frighteningly easy to lose yourself in the swirling undertow of trippy synthesizer and crater-sized reverb. Kevin Parker's drawn-out, multi-tracked vocals hold all the pieces together, one final ethereal element to unmoor you from reality and launch you fully into the band's smoky dream world. Hipsters will love Tame Impala's trendy, buzzing lo-fi feel, even though it's used in service of a vintage aesthetic smacking so thoroughly of free love and plumes of incense smoke that aging members of the counterculture will feel right at home—well, until the flashbacks get a little too intense, anyway. With Stardeath & the White Dwarves and Kuroma. 18+.
Sat., Nov. 27, 8 p.m., 2010

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