Talking Image Connections: All Our Be-longings

Six years ago Alison Morse, who was an MFA writing student at Hamline University, decided to put together a reading series with a few friends from her graduate program. Because Morse had a visual arts background—she was an animator before going back to school for writing—she decided to set up readings in a gallery space, where the writers could respond to the artwork. Thus the Talking Image Connection program was born, the latest presentation of which will take place at the Soap Factory in connection with Rosemary Williams's installation, Belongings. Writers Sarah Fox, Didi Koka, Alison Morse, Andy Sturdevant, Bryan Thao Worra, and Stephanie Wilbur Ash (along with a surprise musical guest) will be presenting poems, songs, and stories in response to Williams's work, which is composed of a silent video installation on screens throughout the gallery. The exhibition features Williams dressed in a blue uniform, showing all of the belongings in her home. It's a meditation on ownership, consumer society, and how people identify themselves. As with other Talking Image Connection events, the audience will move about the gallery in order to be near the work of art from which the author draws inspiration.
Sat., Feb. 12, 8 p.m., 2011

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