Tales from the Black Lodge

Everybody knows that filmmaker David Lynch is a weirdo. His strange cinematic world is defined by nonlinear stories, bizarre sex scenes, strange occurrences that are never fully explained, small towns with quirky characters, and a monster or two, with a dash of commercially minded, easily consumed films for good measure (The Straight Story and Dune, for example). It follows, then, that the works in Altered Esthetics' latest show, "Tales from the Black Lodge," featuring art inspired by Lynch's "creative genius," would run the gamut from truly baffling to easily accepted and enjoyed. More than 30 artists, both domestic and international, exhibit pieces to pay tribute to Lynch, with media ranging from oil-on-panel paintings to photos and book art. While some works, like paintings of the Black Lodge (the mysterious portal room in Twin Peaks) are easily recognizable as relics from Planet Lynch, others seemingly draw inspiration that only the hardest of hardcore Lynchophiles will understand. Even if you don't always get the connection, "Tales from the Black Lodge" is worth going to simply to laugh at how much lamer an art show based on a director like, say, Stephen Spielberg would be. Closing reception is 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, October 24.
Oct. 2-30, 2008

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