Casey Nelson and Ellie Hino Promo


Take My Wife, Instead

Daily from Aug. 31-Sept. 1
8 p.m.

If you’ve ever watched a comedian and thought, “I wonder what that person’s husband/wife/partner thinks of these jokes?” this is your chance to find out. Back by popular demand, Comedy Corner Underground’s Take My Wife... Instead features the significant others of some of the area’s best local comedians performing their material onstage in the ultimate comedy role-reversal. While it may sound like a clever marketing scheme for marriage counseling, the show has been a huge hit in past years both with fans and performers alike. Each person will get a five-minute set, allowing him or her to pick and choose their favorite (or most hated) jokes that they’ve undoubtedly had to listen to until their ears bled. Romantic partners of comedians Robert Baril, Courtney Baka, and Philip Kolas will perform, followed by headliner sets from husband-and-wife comedians Ellie Hino and Casey Nelson. There are two nights of shows to choose from, which means it’ll be a Freaky Friday and a Freaky Saturday.