Some say that the internet is a little like a modern-day Wild West. But a better comparison can be made to a strand of DNA—a system so complex and loaded with information that we are only just beginning to understand it as a whole. These intricate systems of communication and shared knowledge are explored in "Systematics," a show featuring work by Liz Miller and R. Justin Stewart. Miller's mixed-media pieces explore the overstimulation present in our current world—bright pink cut-outs march between sharp, smooth, and spiked pieces of bright teal, gold, white, and red paper. Stewart uses zip ties and Teflon o-rings to create intriguing sculptures simultaneously reminiscent of soap bubbles, high school cell models, and bio-class plastic skeletons. Also in the gallery this month and next is "Alternative Futures," an exhibition highlighting art by Allen Brewer and Pamela Valfer. In it, the local artists explore the possibility of new histories and futures through forgotten ephemera. The opening reception for both is 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, September 18. (R. Justin Stewart, system of knowing 04 (half torus))
Sept. 18-Oct. 31, 2010

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