Swing Night

Once a haven for prohibition-era mobsters—rumored to include John Dillinger and Ma Barker—the Wabasha Street Caves enjoys its newer, and more legit, incarnation as a swanky event hall. The main cave may have been neatly finished, but a few stray bullet holes remain behind, a macabre reminder of the hall's nefarious past. Perhaps something else—or someone else—lingers as well: The caves are reportedly haunted by a collection of murdered gangsters, and at least one of their lady friends. However, if the speakeasy specters miss the glamour and excitement of days gone by, perhaps their spirits are appeased by the sounds of big-band jazz every Thursday night at 7:00 p.m., when the Twin Cities' finest musicians play swing charts of the '30s, '40s, and beyond. Regularly featured bands include the Moonlight Serenaders, the Minnesota Jazz Orchestra, Beasley's Big Band, Swing Beat, and many more. With a full bar and a packed dance floor, all you have to do is dust off your dancing shoes, cross yourself, and remember the password: "Gus sent me."
Thu., Nov. 29, 6 p.m., 2007

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