Surfer Blood

This could be your little brother's band: youthful and almost embarrassingly honest, stitching together an album in an off-campus apartment with cheap microphones and Pro Tools. Before they took on the Surfer Blood moniker and started popping up all over the web (and our own Current), the band went by Jabroni Sandwich, a name that sounds as much like an inside joke as it does that half-baked college jam group that your roommate swore was "really talented." But forget all that—the Florida band has managed to craft a debut (AstroCoast) full of cheery, winning guitar pop that's far more accomplished than their beginnings would have you believe. With the overt Beach Boys and Pavement influences, the songs seem tailor-made to hit indie fans at gut level, but these guys seem too eager, too sweet for brazen posturing. No knowing smirks for this band, just huge hooks and that sunny vibe that you've been itching for since the onset of spring. With Turbo Fruits. 18+.
Thu., April 8, 8 p.m., 2010

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