Sunset on the Lock Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune


Sunset on the Lock

Daily from June 28-29
5-9 p.m.
Daily from July 26-27
5-9 p.m.
Daily from Aug. 30-31
5-9 p.m.
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This summer, the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam has invited people to explore the area during extended hours, while also offering tours, entertainment, and talks. Tonight’s open house will be the final installment of the series this season. It’s a pretty neat experience, filled with gorgeous views of the city and the Mississippi River as the sun sets. Take photos, and bring the kids. Saturday’s grand finale will feature a chalk art installation by Shawn McCann and Kimberly Wood. Other artists are welcome to seek inspiration as well, whether their medium is sketch work, plein air paintings, or photography. Find more info at