Sufjan Stevens

If you're hoping that someday Sufjan Stevens will actually get back to the 50 States Project (where he set out to make a record dedicated to each state in the U.S.), you could be stuck hoping for a long time. One massive nail in the coffin is Steven's new LP, The Age of Adz, a sprawling, ambitious thing that presents a fractured take on the ultra-delicate sounds that were so prevalent on his breakthrough. Shards of orchestral majesty rub elbows with chintzy electronics and huge choral peaks before the songs dial themselves back, taking up less space and reinterpreting their own themes—it's miles away from Illinois. Sufjan seems to have a knack for the beautifully slight as well as the mind-bendingly complex, and with this most recent record, he's finally showing both sides. Add Stevens' fondness for creating a spectacle to the sheer scale of his newest work, and the idea of missing him on this tour starts to look a lot like regret. All ages. (Photo by Denny Renshaw)
Sat., Oct. 16, 8 p.m., 2010

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