Styles P

Although almost always overshadowed by his LOX/D-Block brethren Jadakiss on their collective projects, the Yonkers-bred Styles P possesses more than enough hardcore magnetism and just enough message-driven songwriting talent to make impressive solo albums. 2002's A Gangster and a Gentleman was a smooth and at times haunting ride through the life of a thug with a conscience, belying the posturing of a studio gangster with fresh insights into the struggle. Plus, he had that monster weed-anthem "Good Times (I Get High)" (in heavy rotation at the Selbo ranch for many years). In between that and his continued Don Dada dreams mixed with social uplift, P guested with the likes of Ghostface and beefed with 50 before quickly serving up another platter a few months back on Koch (oh Koch, where would we be without you?) titled Super Gangster, Extraordinary Gentleman. Obviously, originality is not P's best attribute, but he knows what he does well, and then does it. Sounds super, if not extraordinary, to me. 18+.
Thu., March 27, 9 p.m., 2008

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