Northern California's Sound Tribe Sector 9—a.k.a. STS9—are heavily into electronica, with all the gadgetry, dance beats, and space odysseys it suggests. But the quintet also wield guitars, bass, and other standard-issue instruments, and thrive on improvisation and live performance, leading to a strong following on the jam-band circuit. STS9's sound, which is virtually all instrumental, emphasizes layers, textures, and rhythms while juggling an array of influences including but not limited to psychedelic, dub, krautrock, blues, funk, jazz, and avant-garde. Kind of your average Floydian, Eno-edged, Uncle Jerry take on James Brown. OW! Anyway, last year's Peaceblaster (1320) roams the galaxy from Tralfamadorian spaghetti westerns ("Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist") to wilderness trance ("The Last 50,000 Years") to blistering funk laced with rock melodies ("Beyond Right Now"), all purportedly to probe the vicious underbelly of America's psyche. Critical organic elements offer sufficient evidence of the band's humanity, as does their commitment to progressive causes, one of which is helping to rebuild New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward. The Crescent City's Make It Right Foundation will receive all profits from a remixed version of Peaceblaster, featuring 30 tracks reworked by the likes of the Glitch Mob, Count Bass D, and Big Gigantic. The last, the duo of Dominic Lalli (who has a background as a jazz saxophonist) and Jeremy Salken (drums), will open. A new STS9 studio album is due later this fall. 18+. (Photo by C. Taylor Crothers)
Thu., Oct. 8, 6 p.m., 2009

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