Street Sounds Swirlin' Through My Mind

In a town almost overrun with DJs, it's worth noting that Attitude City (veteran vinyl hounds Karl Frankowski and Jeff Dubois) have kept slinging wax long after droves of their younger competitors hung up their headphones. Maybe it's because they don't seem to be in it for any kind of king-of-the-hill recognition; they do it because they get to play the records they love. But what sets these two apart from your average music enthusiast is their penchant for juxtaposition combined with their talent for mixing—you'll hear little bits of classics from various genres blending seamlessly with forward-thinking floor fillers, plus old favorites that sneak up on you before they tap you on the shoulder and give you a great big kiss. The duo bounces between popular cuts and surprising underground fare with a surety that only experience can afford. They may be old enough to hold down nine-to-five jobs, but creating dance-floor joy is their real business. With Mike 2600 and Wes Winship. 18+.
Fri., Sept. 10, 10 p.m., 2010

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