Strange Relations (EP Release Show)

July 16
9 p.m.
Indie Rock, Rock
Three years into a career crafting moody, meticulous diary-rock, Strange Relations are just getting started. The Minneapolis trio – winners of City Pages' Best Rock Band of 2015 prize — solidified their post-punk sound with last year's debut full-length, ­-CENTRISM. Their new EP, Going Out, showcases different shades of that same frenetic punk groove. Drummer/singer Casey Sowa rips a winning Heathers reference on the pulsating "Weeknites," and the group embrace electronic drums for the dance-punk brooder "Ceremonies." Sowa and her Strange cohorts Maro Helgeson and Nate Hart-Andersen bring even more velocity to their live shows — it's always thrilling to watch Sowa pull off the syncopated fills on "Drift" in between belting lyrics about quitting her day job. With Murder Shoes, Catbath, and experimental dance group Kelvin Wailey supporting Saturday's release party, Strange Relations are making it easy to come out for Going Out.