Stocking Stuffers

It's never fun having to go through Christmas without getting a single thing you've asked for. You were good all year -- comparatively speaking -- but no bonuses, no presents and no fun is no way to spend your Yuletide season. That's why it's fortunate that the Entry is hosting a Christmas Eve party featuring a couple of reliable crowd-pleaser DJs. Funk archeologist Mike 2600 (pictured) and Wants vs. Needs collective member DJ Espada are more interested in fusing new pieces together than they are in doling out strictly regimented genre exercises. That's why their sets are so appealing -- the only constants are the backbeat, the inventiveness and the fun. Each new record dropped on their tables promises to be an awesome gift you didn't even know you wanted.
Fri., Dec. 24, 9 p.m., 2010

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