STNNNG Lunch Show 5

The Lunch Show is not just a name. It's the fifth "so foolish it's genius" installment of the annual (very) early show conceived by the STNNNG, who will be celebrating the release of a new split 7" single with Signal to Trust. STNNNG's surly, churning, occasionally caustic songs, with razor-sharp lyrics that sometimes cut painfully to the bone, don't seem like your typical midday listen (think more along the lines of 2:00 a.m. after five scotches and a belt of tequila), but lunch will indeed be served (along with a free copy of said 7") to any and all comers. The afternoon's festivities will also function as the CD-release party for openers FT (the Shadow Government). It's early, but you can sleep in a little—you don't need breakfast, though it's recommended you eat something at the show. It's little known, but nevertheless a fact, that tater-tot hot dish goes well with vitriol and angst. All ages.
Sat., Nov. 17, noon, 2007

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