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As a comedian, activist, TV host, and stunt performer, Steve-O wears many hats. Indeed, he once wore a jellyfish sombrero for bit on his YouTube channel that has since captured over 22 million views. A career in show business was inevitable for the future Jackass star. “I was just such an attention whore by the time I was born,” he says, “I had little recourse, other than to pursue a career in show business.” He cites spending his formative years in England as an influence. “When I was nine, I had the freedoms that a 16-year-old would have here. I was cruising all over London on the Tube and the buses; even on my bike I’d go all over the city. I’m really grateful for that.” He didn’t learn to drive until he was 20. “I remember being eight years old and getting the kids in the cafeteria to gather around,” he says of his early attempts at performing. “I’d unscrew salt shakers and consume all the salt. It was pretty impressive, but it didn’t make people like me any better.” 18+; 21+ later shows.