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Steve Byrne

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Comedian Steve Byrne is a little subdued as he talks to City Pages. “I’m recovering from last night,” he says with a slight laugh. “I was here at the Wild West Comedy Festival in Nashville, and I did the Goddamn Comedy Jam where a comedian goes out and does standup and then sings a song.” Byrne sang the Killers’ “Mr. Brightside.” His latest hour, Tell the Damn Joke, premiered on Showtime last month. He’d been building the hour since his TBS sitcom Sullivan & Son was canceled in 2014. “It took me two and a half years from pen to paper to the director saying ‘cut,’” he says. “Now I’m writing another scripted show, working on a feature, and I’m also working on a documentary on the Amazing Johnathan.” The latter is a headlining comic/magician. “He was given a terminal diagnosis with a heart condition, and was given less than a year to live. That was three and a half years ago.” Tired of waiting for the end, Johnathan got back onstage, and Byrne’s documentary captures that journey. 18+; 21+ later shows.