Stephen Lynch


Musical standup comedian Stephen Lynch describes the negotiations for his first Comedy Central special this way: "Comedy Central called and said, 'Do you want a half-hour special?' I said, 'Yes I do.' They said, 'Sweet.' And I said, 'I have to go. My boss needs me to put toner in the Xerox machine.' I was still temping." That was in 2000. Over the next eight years, Lynch and his acoustic guitar opened for the biggest names in standup, headlined his own national tours, was the star of the hit Broadway musical The Wedding Singer, and recorded a second Comedy Central special. It's safe to say that he is no longer working temp jobs. His songs tend to be a little on the...potentially offensive side. His best-known tune is a joke simply titled "Special Olympics." Another popular bit is a song about Jesus' sibling Craig, who is different from his savior brother. "I don't turn water into wine, but into cold Coors Light," Lynch sings. At least he acknowledges before performing some songs that he knows he's a terrible person.
Fri., March 13, 8 p.m., 2009

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