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Staraoke Karaoke

Dec. 25
9 p.m.
Barhopping, Holiday, Music, Karaoke

You’ve opened the presents, kissed grandma on the cheek, gorged on dinner, and helped assemble the toys. If you’re still going strong in the energy department, now it’s time to head out of the house for some late-night fun. One place sure to be a blast is the Triple Rock, which will once again be hosting Staraoke Karaoke. Bring your rowdy cousins, invite your friends, and plan your song, as karaoke host ARZU has a book of options that include classic punk anthems, heavy metal shriekers, holiday treats, and some good old hip-hop bangers. Order up a round of liquid courage, be it booze or beer, or stick with pure sugar and caffeine to keep the party rolling along. Either way, the caroling will be untraditional here. 21+.