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Stand-Up Science

Oct. 17
8-10 p.m.
Comedy, Speakers

This week, local scientists and comedians will join Shane Mauss at Sisyphus for an evening that is part TED Talk, part standup comedy, and part mind-bending conversation. It’s unlike anything anyone else is doing today—in comedy or science. Mauss, who often incorporates science and psychology into his standup sets, serves as the ringmaster of this unique show. Guests include Kathleen Vohs, a distinguished McKnight University professor considered to be one of the top behavioral economists in the world. She’ll be discussing self-control, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, the meaning of life, lie detection, and sex. Steve Gillespie, a mainstay of the Twin Cities comedy scene, and Stephanie Carlson, known her research on the development of self-control and imagination in young children, will also stop by.