"Stand-Ins" at Rosalux Terrence Payne, 'We Sent Out A Search Party and All They Found was You'


Stand Ins

Feb. 8
7-10 p.m.
Every Sat. and Sun. from Feb. 9-29
12-4 p.m.
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Symbolism, wordplay, and facades are all elements at work in Rosalux Gallery’s latest exhibition, “Stand Ins.” Despite the bright colors and playful animals, Terrence Payne’s large-scale pastels are daunting and even ominous at times. In his latest series he examines power structures, privilege, and the violence that can erupt when these systems are challenged. “We’ll be having a ball as long as the fruit continues to fall,” one inscription says under a painting featuring a group of monkeys feasting on pears. “You can bury your secrets, but you can’t hide all the shovels,” another announces under a collection of bones. Meanwhile, Jim Hittinger plays with the everyday and the supernatural in a series of works that often hide their wit in their titles. (His gravesite painting, A Hill to Die On, is both literal and snarky.)