Square Lake Film Festival Redux

Square Lake Film Festival is a yearly event held outdoors in a natural setting not too far from Stillwater. Its website warns that the event goes on rain or shine. Well, maybe not always. This summer the festival was cut short due to an intense thunderstorm that placed quite a damper on the bike-friendly afternoon where people watch movies and listen to music. Understandably, the organizers are having a do-over. But rather than tempt fate again (October snowstorm, anyone?) they are moving things indoors to the Cedar. The highlight of the evening will be a screening of The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926), which is believed to be the oldest surviving feature-length silhouette-animated film. International Novelty Gamelan (who, ironically, are local) will be playing an original score to complement and enhance the flick. The event will also screen 35 locally made film shorts that range from animation to action sequences to documentaries and more. A panel of judges will then award prizes in various categories. Visit squarelakefestival.com for more info.
Thu., Oct. 22, 7 p.m., 2009

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