Spiral Bound Release Party

Dessa's debut chapbook, Spiral Bound (DTP 001), unfortunately doesn't soar as high as her performances with Doomtree. Her shorter musings at times leave the reader with unpleasant confusion instead of the sense of playfulness with which they were written. At other times a central revelation comes at the price of heavy-handedness. But in her longer essays, she sings beautifully, especially in "The Leviathan," a piece centered on a brief love affair while backpacking that manages to transcend its particulars to become an elegant meditation on the beauty of fleeting moments. For her book-release party, she's gathered a double-scoop of the Cities' finest, including her 2002 slam poetry teammate, Shane Hawley, and Mpls/St. Paul Magazine writer Steve Marsh, who will lead the interview portion. Indie-kid favorites Jeremy Messersmith and Aby Wolf are slated for musical entertainment, along with Doomtree compadre Cecil Otter, who will no doubt join the lady of honor at the microphone.
Sat., Feb. 7, 8:30 p.m., 2009

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