Spazz Jazz Revival


If the pop-culture conflagration of '80s nostalgia has torched your world, leaving you shivering in your undies for the next big thing, avoid Spaz Jazz Revival. The band, whose brand of self-described "mustache rock" moves past silly into the realm of the ridiculous, mingles a party platter of musical guilty pleasures with well-placed onstage banter to create a surprisingly watertight package. From Michael Jackson to Huey Lewis and Frank Zappa, the crew's repertoire of stale songs that never go bad ensures that socially lubricated audiences feel the noize. Proud seedsmen of authentic lip foliage, the group members occasionally get into onstage wet-mustache contests. Come ready to dance, But don't burn out on Aqua Net before their signature number, a rawking rendition of "Maneater" by lead vocalist Michael Lannier—the spitting image of a young John Oates. 21+.
Fri., Jan. 9, 2009

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