Soul Asylum

As maligned as they are revered, Soul Asylum just keep rolling along in the face of adversity. Founding member and bassist Karl Mueller passed away in 2005, and their 2006 release, The Silver Lining, was somewhat inexplicably met with near-outright hatred in these very pages and elsewhere. You might despise Grave Dancers Union now, but if you were in high school or college in the early '90s, you can still sing along with every word on that album, whether you will admit to it or not. If you were in high school or college at all between 1983 and, well, now, one of their albums was probably the soundtrack to a night involving things you still don't want to tell your parents about, but repeat to your friends as often as possible (for the record, mine involves the then-seven-year-old Hang Time.) Always viewed as part of the JV squad in Minneapolis (they actually wanted to make money as musicians, for shame!), their popularity far eclipsed other hometown favorites (Hüsker Dü, the Replacements, et al.) outside the state lines, and that says quite a bit more about us than it does about them. They have created a lasting legacy, and nobody can take that away. With the Evening Rig and Mayda. 18+.
Fri., Dec. 21, 8 p.m., 2007

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