Soul Asylum

Local-music awareness is a fickle beast. For the observer of our goings-on, there seem to be two tools—the telescope and the microscope. While bands like the Replacements get Chuck Close portraits decades after their breakup, and Dante and the Lobster score Picked to Click rights, modest titans like Soul Asylum seem relegated to a more devoted, memorial set. Their major-market successes are few, but Soul Asylum remains a big-print affair for thousands of local listeners. What slew Nirvana, Soul Asylum survived—they've endured the bursting of the grunge bubble, the advent of formidable new forms, and the death of a bandmate. And to top it off, they're still Mainroom material. That's a hardy makeup. Listen to their more recent materials, see them live, and you can hear the existential callouses. Others may have climbed farther, but few have walked farther. There's no two ways about it—Soul Asylum is our treasure. With the Tomatoes. 18+. (Photo by whoohoo120)
Fri., Dec. 4, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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