Soo Local: Resist Pop Fantasy II: Liquids Words

Appropriation is a common (if sometimes controversial) aspect of much contemporary art. Ideas and artifacts, sounds and symbols, objects and styles from cultures (popular and otherwise) around the world become re-imagined and re-contextualized through artistic practice. Local artist Eric Carlson knows and embraces such processes. In his new show at the SooVac, figures and images from Asian art and culture are reconfigured through collage, drawing, painting, and digital alteration. Fluidity reigns in his work, as boundaries defining time, space, and the artistic imagination dissolve into the right here, right now. The opening reception, which also features "Masters of the Universe," an exhibition highlighting work by three current MCAD grad students, is from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, February 26.
Feb. 26-March 27, 2011

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