Song of Zarathustra

After the hell he's put them through, it's a wonder that Travis Bos's vocal cords haven't exploded through his neck. Minneapolis hardcore lovers will remember Bos's old band, Song of Zarathustra, with a wistful tear in their eye, fondly recalling local venues filled with man-on-fire screams and peals of feedback (and maybe even the fact that their ears invariably rang for two days after seeing the band live). Bos has had a hand in a few bands after SOZ called it a day in 2003, but none have had as great an impact as his best-known group, so the news of a reunion show was enough to send shivers of anticipation down the spines of fans all over the Twin Cities. SOZ trafficked in sounds that were fast, raw, and unapologetically abrasive, and even though they've been defunct for seven years, the excitement around this event makes it hard to predict that they'll provide anything other than the thrashing intensity that made their name. With Gay Witch Abortion, STNNNG, and Atlantis Audio Archive. 18+.
Sat., Feb. 27, 9 p.m., 2010

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