Solutions Volume 3

Though politicians may want you to believe that they are the harbingers of change, us regular citizens tend to remain skeptical. Though we often look to our government for change, we know that they hardly corner the market. Tonight, Solutions Volume 3 will feature activists, scientists, artists, and designers who dream up innovative solutions to world dilemmas in ways that politicians never will be able to. As with other Solutions evenings, this event will feature rapid-fire slideshows where speakers will have 6 minutes, 40 seconds to share designs and ideas. Presenters this go-round include Mark Kuhn, who donates 100 percent of the proceeds he makes from Finnegan's Irish Amber to local charities; Dana Roskey from the TEFSA Foundation, which provides early education to children in Ethiopia; and Jack Becker of Forecast Public Art, a group that seeks to expand art both locally and nationally through artist support. All this thinking got you hungry? Food and live tunes round out this high-energy, outdoor evening.
Sat., Aug. 30, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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