SOLO Tim Rummelhoff



Daily from Sept. 14-15
7:30 p.m.

Each year, the McKnight Fellowship Program selects three exceptional dancers to receive a McKnight Dancer Fellowship. In addition to a cash award, Fellows receive a commission for a new solo dance from a choreographer of their choice, who creates a work tailored just for them. For this concert, the 2016-17 Fellows offer up a program that includes contemporary ballet, experimental modern, innovative hip-hop, energetic krumping, and flaming flamenco. The artistic pairings should produce some heat. Contemporary dancer extraordinaire Krista Langberg chose Karen Sherman, whose explosive work draws from dance theater, writing, and, yes, handyman arts. Herb Johnson III gets a piece from Tight Eyez, the creator of the wildly energetic and theatrical dance form krump, while Chitra Vairavan has commissioned the Japanese icon and experimentalist Eiko Otake. The extraordinary flamenco stylist Sachiko “La Chayi” Nishiuchi teams up with Spanish artists Pepe Torres, Luis Peña and Angelita Vargas, and Lisa “MonaLisa” Berman with Victor Quijada. James Sewell Ballet favorite Chris Hannon worked with award-winning ballet choreographer Gina Patterson.