SOLD OUT: Neal & Leandra's Holiday Show

This annual, highly anticipated holiday show by the local, married duo of Neal Hagberg and Leandra Peak has always promised a fine assortment of traditional carols and originals delivered with sufficient seasonal glow to warm cockles for blocks around. Both have rich voices, with Leandra's in particular sporting a dark, burnished glory with the lingering country twang of her Kentucky childhood. Their vocal harmonies reach another dimension that's perfect for the holiday spirit and glistens on their two Christmas collections, the most recent being 2005's Angels and Fools. The classics include Leandra's wonderfully wistful reading of Victor Herbert's "Toyland" and a hushed, exquisite "In the Bleak Midwinter," featuring a sprinkling of colors from Dick Freymuth's 12-string. Hagberg's storytelling prowess emerges on a couple of thought-provoking takes on the nativity, as well as more whimsical tunes about neon noël overkill and Santa's cowboy aspirations. Some of the sobering reality of the season may also surface if the couple sings "Without You," a song about loss amidst the mistletoe from their latest album, last spring's Dancing with a Ghost.
Sun., Dec. 16, 7:30 p.m., 2007

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