Sol LeWitt


Sol LeWitt was a prolific artist, working in the American minimalist style during the height of the genre. The movement is often viewed as a reaction to the paint-splattered chaos of Abstract Expressionism. Many found the clean, back-to-basic, core fundamentals of minimalism refreshing, and to this day it is credited as a forefather to postmodern art. Over the years the Walker Art Center has collected many significant pieces of LeWitt, and "2D + 3D," which features over 50 pieces, promises to shed light on his career and the impact his work had on future art movements and aesthetics. Here, guests will find geometric structures, boldly striped squares on paper, and the occasional indulgent swirling line. If the weather isn't too chilly, take a walk outside to the sculpture garden, where you can revisit his white cinder block sculpture, X with Columns, and take in city views through the spaces in the piece.
Nov. 18-April 24, 2010

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