Sneaker Pimps: the World's Largest Sneaker Hip-Hop Lifestyle Show featuring Clipse

Though 2006's Hell Hath No Fury contained some of the greatest Neptunes-made beats on rap's concrete Earth, Clipse's version of a budding noir conscience turned out to be advising young pushers to move up the ranks quickly rather than stay vulnerable on the streets. Which is a little like telling hungry rappers to become overnight immortals, maybe by calling on your super-producer friends from Virginia Beach. Yet Clipse possess a steely consumerist argot all their own, whether or not they use the industry behind our most antisocial narcotic as a metaphor. They're touring ahead of a third non-mixtape album, Til the Casket Drops, for which they presumably did not get beats for cheap—producers include Timbaland, Diddy, Kanye, and Rick Rubin. They perform as part of Sneaker Pimps: The World's Largest Sneaker Hip-Hop Lifestyle Show, with openers Muja Messiah and Parallax. 18+.
Fri., Aug. 14, 8 p.m., 2009

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