Snap Judgment

Dec. 8
7 p.m.
Speakers, Theater

Seven years ago, Glynn Washington was running a nonprofit in Berkeley, California. While he wasn’t interested in being a broadcaster, he was a fan of public radio. “Some things I really loved about it,” he explains, “and some things I thought they could do better.” With that in mind, he entered the Public Radio Talent Quest. “That’s like American Idol for public media.” He won, and his show, Snap Judgment, launched on 20 NPR stations. Today, it is heard on over 400 public radio stations, and he frequently hosts live presentations of the program. “Snap live is kind of a version of what we do on the radio program but very different,” Washington explains. Most of the stories on the radio show are carefully crafted from extensive interviews. “We’re trying to make their story a movie of the mind. Live, we invert that equation and have people who come out and rock a story. And they’ve got to be able to perform in front of thousands of people. We do it with a band. It’s hot, it’s electric, but it still has the same style and swagger as the radio show.”