Snail in the Park: Charcuterie with Mike Phillips

The Slow Food movement seeks to encourage individuals to dine on crops, plants, and animals native to the consumer's ecosystems, while promoting foods grown using sustainable methods, leaving as little imprint on the environment as possible. Sounds like it could be a small local group, right? Hardly. Slow Food is a global effort with 83,000 members in about 22 countries. Over the past couple of years, Minnesota has seen an increase in local restaurants adapting their menus and kitchens to provide meals sourced from local producers. Common Roots Cafe, Spoonriver, and the Red Stag are three examples. The Craftsmen is another one of these restaurants. This Sunday Craftsmen chef Mike Phillips will be on hand to share his charcuterie knowledge in the park. Learn how to cure meat and make sausage, or just sample some of his tasty work. Following his talk, guests can enjoy a picnic potluck featuring grilled food and beverages. For more info visit or call 612.362.9210. (photo by suika*2009)
Sun., Aug. 16, 4 p.m., 2009

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