Small Town Murder


Small Town Murder Presents: Shut Up and Give Me Murder!

Nov. 17
5:30 p.m.
Comedy, Speakers

With new gruesome TV shows, documentaries, and podcasts released every day, it seems like murder is having a moment right now. Not so, says James Pietragallo, one half of the wildly popular Small Town Murder podcast. “I think murder has always been hot; it’s just more available now,” he says. “Whether it was shows like Law & Order, which has been on for like 30 years, all the way back to the old days of sensationalized yellow journalism, people have always been drawn to murder as entertainment.” This week Pietragallo, along with fellow comedian Jimmie Whisman, will bring the small town to the big city when their tour stops at the Varsity. Standing out in the growing sea of murder podcasts isn’t easy, but these guys are confident that their show stacks up well. “We’re one of the only ones making it funny,” Pietragallo says. “We’re serious when we need to be, but we like making jokes about the real estate reports on the house, and how the cops messed things up.” The live show is like the podcast on steroids, with more visuals and audience participation than you can get yelling at your phone in the car. “Sometimes we get people at the meet-and-greets who want us to help them solve an open murder case,” Pietragallo laughs. “We’re not cut out for that!” Whismas adds, “We’re like Ice-T on Law & Order, because we have no clue what’s going on.” All ages.