Slough Feg

With Celtic folk metalurgists Slough Feg and our own art-metal heroes Knife World tag-teaming tonight's Turf Club ticket, there is sure to be plenty of ruptured eardrums oozing all over University avenue. The adolescent obsession with Celtic mythology and demons of the netherworld is nothing new to anyone who ever sat through math class concealing Walkman headphones under their upstart hesher mane, etching portraits of minotaurs in their graph-paper notebook. But Pennsylvania's Slough Feg bring a genuine traditional Celtic romp to their rhythms and their composition—their sound has plenty of blood and guts, and it's got plenty of brains to keep it stomping forward. They're metalheads who haven't let their mathlete trophies gather dust since graduation day, D&D'ers who can rip off your face, and not just with a timely saving throw. In support is Knife World—if you haven't put hands on their stellar vinyl release, tonight is a great chance. With Castle. 21+.
Mon., Aug. 11, 9 p.m., 2008

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