Photo by Gary Isaacs


Slim Cessna's Auto Club

July 27
7 p.m.
Alternative, Indie Rock

With a penchant for harrowing, punk-infused fire-and-brimstone conflagrations, Slim Cessna’s mob definitely ain’t no AAA. The Denver band prefer the term “gothic Americana” for their roiling hurricane of dark gospel, psychobilly, country, freak-folk, and rock, while the lyrics rage about sin and damnation with Pentecostal fury. The Club members are a bit less apocalyptic on their latest album, last fall’s The Commandments According To SCAC, sometimes edging toward the folk end of their turbulent equation; the lyrics are often more surreal, even playful and whimsical, than bilious. Jay Munly wrote all the tunes, a 10 Commandments countdown with only slim connections to the Bible’s more popular lineup. Instead, Munly discusses Pinocchio-like dependency, shapeshifting queen snakes, fear of outsiders, diving horse sideshows, and obsessive pursuit of kitschy bling. All the while a banjo plucks ominously and electric guitars lurk, ready to go careening into the void. Come to think about it, he’s nailed the religious experience. Swallows open.