Sleaze Book Club

"Sleaze" and "book club" may not be three words you typically put together, but it's the unexpected pairings that make life interesting. The premise of the Sleaze Book Club is simple: Performers, some professionals and others not, will be invited onstage to give theatrical presentations and readings from salacious bedroom reading selections. Yep, we're talking book reports on pulp porn. At the end of the "play," the audience will be given their very own naughty book to take home. The event is actually the first in a series of happenings helmed by Max Sparber. Described as "self-assembling theater," each event will feature a set of instructions to be followed for entertainment. Though participants will have directions, no performance can be duplicated by nature of the project. Upcoming shows will be held at a variety of locations, and include forays into drag and group sex. For more info, visit
Fri., Sept. 3, 4:30 p.m., 2010

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