SlamMN Championship Slam

If you missed last week's Soapboxing Slam finals, shame on you. But you've got a second chance to see the best poetry of the season: The SlamMN finals, where the four best local slam poets will be chosen to represent Minneapolis at nationals this year. On the humble Kieran's stage, backed by the visage of accomplished orator John F. Kennedy (his portrait hangs on the wall), the competitors will croon, spit, and growl, battling hard for top scores with the most polished pieces in their playbooks. If you're lucky, you'll be handed a judge's board and have the chance to do more than cheer for your favorite poets; you can assign numerical values to their performances. If not, it's a good excuse to order a plate of fries and a pint and kick back to boo and hiss at the poor saps who did get chosen to score. Give this show a miss, and you'll be robbing yourself of more than good sport, though. You'll have missed some of the best local spoken word all year.
Fourth Tuesday of every month, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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