Skoal Kodiak

With a lineup of four of the most savagely energetic bands the Twin Cities currently offer, this show will not help any lingering four-day hangovers. This is just one reason to reach for your ibuprofen and chasers before hitting the sack on Friday night. A chance to lay mitts on Skoal Kodiak's stellar new vinyl release, for sale tonight at the Turf Club, is another. But chiefly, it's the perfect way to get '08 off to a ruinous, exhausted start. Between Vampire Hands' towering, Gothic bellow, Skoal's uncanny talent for bending circuits and melodies without ever fully shattering them, Blind Shake's tempestuous arsenal of those hostile AmRep chords that we love so well, and Birthday Suits' thwacking, sweaty, downright danceable post-punk, tonight will keep you rocketing between booty-shaking and self-destruction, and should make a great showcase for the narrow but satisfying triumph of order over chaos.
Sat., Jan. 5, 9 p.m., 2008

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