Sketchy Past


Rosalux Gallery's latest show, "Sketchy Past," brings together media and themes that are less than similar. John Diebel uses antique paper, ink and gauche drawings, photos of architectural mishaps, and old images of criminals from the Twin Cities' gritty past to combat Minnesota's squeaky-clean reputation. Diebel shows our state's seamy side, and that we're not all Minnesota Nice drones on autopilot. We're also Minnesota Corrupt, Minnesota Depraved, and Minnesota Grim. For his works, painter Greg Priglmeier digs into his past jobs, and the crappy hourly toils he took to support his art career. Using a painting method that he's not previously exhibited involving pencil, ink, and layers of paint, Priglmeier creates playful works depicting jobs he's fantasized about while, say, bagging other people's groceries. His piece Robot Hunter appears to be inspired by the '80s Atari game Berzerk, and shows blocky yellow figures firing a yellow brick at a chunky red robot. Yes, that would be a great job. Until earth becomes infested with problematic androids and menacing artificial intelligence, Priglmeier will just have to settle for being a talented artist. Opening reception 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday, December 6.
Dec. 3-31, 2008

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