Six Months to Live: Season 7

The rise-and-fall life cycle of a band seems to have shrunk in the last decade's worth of internet acceleration, and it seems like the time between a band's formation and the point where everyone's sick of hearing about them gets shorter by the week. There might be a bit of commentary on that phenomenon which underpins the long-running Six Months to Live series, where a grab-bag of local musicians are tasked with creating a band from scratch, figuring out their sound and putting together a setlist within the span of half a year -- after which point they will break up forever, hopefully at their peak. This year's showcases include the eight-piece outlaw country band Battle Whiskey (pictured), a tribute to Frank Zappa's album [i]Joe's Garage[/i] courtesy of The Brasserie, the beered-up Amber Waves of Grain Belt, the ironically named, actually-dangerous Safety Meeting, the heavy rock/lounge crossover of the Sharp and the Pointless, and the roots-reggae-inspired Red Stripes. It's not often you get a chance to see a simultaneous debut/farewell performance -- let alone a half-dozen of them in the same night.
Fri., June 3, 7 p.m., 2011

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