Sinister but Sweet


The title of this show is fitting given the creatures and situations local illustrator DC Ice portrays in her St. Paul solo show. Here guests will view crows as they swoop down and steal cupcakes from a dismayed horse in her fanciest mint-green party gown; a calm, caribou-esque creature that glows green in the vast darkness; and two cat/deer-like beasties floating through empty spaces, one with a halo and the other with devilish horns. It's this pairing of naughty and nice, of light and dark, and of mothering and cruelty that make each piece intriguing. A graduate of the College of Visual Arts, DJ Ice has spent the following years illustrating children's books, designing unique toys, and even creating pieces for fashion shows. It's important to maintain balance, to never be too sweet, too scary, or too sour, and in this show she manages it well.
Dec. 11-Jan. 2, 2009

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