Taking cues from progressive rock, ambient electronica, and handfuls of LSD, Shpongle's music ranges between sitar-tinged hip shakers and pummeling tribal workouts with undulating synth patterns bubbling just underneath the thundering drums. The production duo of Simon Posford and Raja Ram is notorious for its rather limited number of live concerts, but Posford embarks alone on goodwill DJ tours that span the globe and, for this tour, he's bringing along a custom lights-and-video rig dubbed the Shpongletron Experience. If epilepsy is an issue, steer clear, but if you're in the market to witness a huge flashing tower of psychedelia, this will be a treat. With Random Rab, MasterOfEmotion, and Jeff Hunter. 18+.
Fri., May 13, 8 p.m., 2011

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