Shonen Knife

Look out! Flying jellybean attack! Flying at you. Shonen Knife group. All-female Japanese pop-punk trio on tour. Fun! Fun! Fun! With quick bursts of sugar-sweet glee, Shonen Knife founding sisters Naoko and Atsuko Yamano have been making fans out of art-rock Americans for over two decades now. Writing catchy pop ditties about things like Toucan Sam, Choco-Bars, and Ice-Cream City, and pumpin' them out with the garage-y speed punch of the Ramones, they've continued touring and releasing albums regularly, even after the loss of original bassist Michie Nakatani and a reshuffled lineup. Their latest record hasn't yet seen release in the States, but they're sure to have copies on hand as they blow through town mid-swing on a coast-to-coast tour. While the group's sound has tightened up over the years, there's still a raw exuberance in the delivery that's as cute and weird and rock 'n' roll as ever. With the Last Conservative and Verona Grove.
Sat., Dec. 1, 9 p.m., 2007

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