V. Paul Virtucio


Shapiro & Smith Dance

Daily from March 30-31
8 p.m.

Company director Joanie Smith approaches dramatic content with droll humor and an unwavering commitment to what makes the personal universal. Her new work “Later That Night” is a duet for Andrew Lester and the divinely gifted Laura Selle Virtucio, and delivers an emotional chain reaction reminiscent of the flapping of a butterfly’s wing in Beijing setting off a hurricane in Texas. In “Hands,” her splendid company explores the emotive power of those expressive appendages, mining wit and wisdom. A welcome reprise of Smith’s iconic “Bolero” invests Ravel’s famous score with Wonder Woman-style athleticism and valor. The all-female cast careens through shifting group dynamics, suggesting at one moment Amazonian warriors, at another refugees cast adrift in an anarchic world. Smith brings on the guys for “A Naked Man’s Shirt,” a trio in which Lester, Scott Mettille, and Stephen Schroeder go all macho power-trip over, yes, a manshirt.