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Shane Torres

Daily from Aug. 30-Sept. 2
8 p.m.
Daily from Sept. 1-2
10:30 p.m.

“I’m lucky in that I found what I wanted to do,” says comedian and Fort Worth, Texas, native Shane Torres. “I never wanted to be a doctor or anything like that. I wasn’t moved by a particular episode of Scrubs.” While he recalls being funny as a kid, he was never the class clown. “I was more of an aimless goofball,” he says. “I wasn’t dying to entertain everybody. If there was someone funnier I’d be more submissive and let them be the funny person.” When he was 13, he thought he was going to be a musician. “But that requires talent,” he notes. Onstage these days, his set has become a little more observational and a little less biographical. His performance on Conan last year is a good example of the latter. “I love those bits, but that’s not what I do for an hour,” he says. “Now I’m trying to do a little less narrative and little more observation and opinion.” His focus now is more on writing than simply telling “yarns,” as he calls them. “I want to have a perspective outside of my firsthand experience and notice something and learn to write as opposed to reciting a story. That became a goal of mine a few years ago. I wanted to have concepts, not just stories.” 18+.