Shane Mauss

Daily from May 15-19
8 p.m.
Daily from May 18-19
10:30 p.m.

Comedy fans in the Twin Cities may know Shane Mauss for his interest in mind-altering drugs. “I had a show that became successful about psychedelics, and people turned out to be very interested in the subject matter,” he says. The tour, called Good Trip, traveled to 111 cities. But talking about psychedelics is really just a jumping-off point for Mauss to discuss psychology and consciousness. His podcast, Here We Are, also informs his standup set. “I interview a lot of neuroscientists, psychologists, and behavioral economists, and then I kind of work some of that stuff into my act.” These days, Mauss is exploring the meaning of life. “I really like to talk about some of our subconscious decision-making,” he notes. “I’m also bipolar, and have been writing material about that recently.” 18+.